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Plan for the 5.9 branch

A few weeks ago I created a 5.9 branch for bugfixes/patches that seemed
too risky to push to master during pre-release stabilization.

I'd like to merge that branch to master in a few weeks, when it's clear
there won't be a 5.8.1 for regressions.

(Alternatively, we could merge the branch now; that won't block us from
creating a 5.8.1 regression-fixing release with or without the changes
from the 5.9 branch.)


As to branching policy, in the future we should probably do things the
other way around; that is: in the run-up to the 5.9 release next year,
rather than stabilize on master and open a 5.10 branch for destabilizing
changes, we should open a 5.9 branch for stabilization and leave master
open to destabilizing changes.

(Fortunately, due to how git fast-forward merges work, the current 5.9
branch won't interfere with this plan.)

Makes sense?



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author