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Re: [BUG] Issue with _arguments !-x !+x

On 12 Feb, dana wrote:
> I noticed something unexpected when i have both !-x and !+x type option specs
> and then i try to complete stacked options containing the -x ones:

> All i can figure out so far is that comparguments doesn't think there's
> anything to complete. But i'm not sure why. Something to do with how ca_doff
> is calculated, i think?

The problem is the single array in struct cadef. In effect this gets
overloaded for both + and - options. For both -d and +d, we look up the
entry with 'd' in unsigned form as the index. A quick hack to add 128 to
the index for + options appears to fix the issues you list.

But I wonder whether we should go for a somewhat different approach.
Instead of: d->single[STOUC(*line) + (pre == '-' ? 0 : 128)]
Have a macro for: d->single[SINGLEIDX(*line, pre)]
Allowing 256 entries was simple and efficient before multibyte character
sets was an issue. I don't think there is any point supporting
clumping of options that use non-ASCII characters. So the single array
doesn't need to be a hash or list. It could even be smaller if we skip
populating it for control characters in addition to those with the high
bit set.

Any thoughts?


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