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P01privileged fails on CentOS/Fedora (a simple permission issue)

At least on CentOS/Fedora the default permission of a user's home
directory is rwx------. If I build/test zsh in a directory below
my home dir, say /home/takimoto/src/zsh/, P01privileged fails
because users with uid=1,2 can't read the necessary module(s).
Is this well known? I'm not sure whether this need be fixed.

Selecting unprivileged UID:EUID pair automatically
Selecting unprivileged GID:EGID pair automatically
Using unprivileged UID 1, EUID 2, GID 1, EGID 2
--- /tmp/zsh.ztst.15006/ztst.out	2020-03-10 11:20:22.808199407 +0900
+++ /tmp/zsh.ztst.15006/ztst.tout	2020-03-10 11:20:22.805199423 +0900
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
-1/1 off
-2/2 off
-1/2 on
Test ./P01privileged.ztst failed: output differs from expected as shown above for:
  re_zsh $ruid $ruid -1 -1 'echo $UID/$EUID $options[privileged]'
  re_zsh $euid $euid -1 -1 'echo $UID/$EUID $options[privileged]'
  re_zsh $ruid $euid -1 -1 'echo $UID/$EUID $options[privileged]'
Error output:
zsh:1: failed to load module `zsh/parameter': /home/takimoto/src/zsh/Test/Modules/zsh/parameter.so: cannot open shared object file: Permission denied
(two more same errors)
Was testing: PRIVILEGED automatically enabled when RUID != EUID

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