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Re: Make `Ctrl + W` and `Ctrl + Shift + H` in zsh behave the same as in bash

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for your explanation!

Yes just using WORDCHARS will work, but that will also change the behavior of Ctrl + Alt + H. I want that to keep deleting *partial* words.


On 21-03-2020 15:06, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
Rik wrote on Sat, 21 Mar 2020 14:29 -0500:
I've recently started using zsh and I like it. However, coming from
bash, some little things I miss.


*The problem:*

In bash behavior is like this:

   * Ctrl + W deletes the word behind the cursor up to the next space
   * Ctrl + Shift + H deletes the word behind the cursor up to the next
     seperation charcater like ., ,, -, / etc.

In zsh both Ctrl + W an Ctrl + Shift + H behave like the latter one in
bash. I would like the same behavior as in bash.

*This is what I've tried:*

     backward-delete-word() WORDCHARS=$SPACE_WORDCHARS zle .$WIDGET
     zle -N backward-delete-word
     bindkey "^W" backward-delete-word

This works, however, it breaks the functionality that deleting a word
puts the word on the paste buffer, so I can't then paste this word with
Ctrl + Y. This is quite important functionality for me. To be honest I'm
not completely sure how this zle function works and what .$WIDGET does.
Would anyone know a way how I can make this work while retaining the
cut/paste behavior?
Deleting those four lines and adding just «WORDCHARS='~!#$%^&*(){}[]<>?.+;-_/\|=@`'»
instead seems to do what you want.

(I also tried calling «zle -f kill» in the wrapper but it didn't have
the desired effect.)

Regarding $WIDGET, it's a parameter that gets predefined by zle when
widget functions are invoked.  In the example, its value will be
"backward-delete-char".  Thus, net effect of «zle .$WIDGET» will be to
call the builtin "backward-delete-char" widget.  For a simpler example,

mywidget() { LBUFFER+="x" }
zle -N mywidget
bindkey "y" mywidget

With this, every time you press "y", you'll get an "x" inserted.  (You
can just paste this example at the prompt to try it.)



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