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Re: [PATCH] Enable sub-second timeout in zsystem flock

Daniel Shahaf (Tuesday 2020-04-14):
> Wow.  Thank you very much for the rewrite, Cedric.  I'm afraid I wasn't
> clear, though.  All I wanted to say was: (1) _If_ zsh 5.9 is likely to
> be ported to a 64-bit-type-less platform, we should add a preprocessor
> check to catch that case (at either configure- or compile-time);
> (2) I don't know what's the probability of the antecedent.  I didn't
> mean to ask for a rewrite, not in the least — only for a quick,
> three-liner «#if» block

I didn't mean to imply otherwise.  That's what I wanted to do at first,
but it was more than a single #if block, then I got confused between
the blocks, then I started having other ideas, then... well, now, here
we are.

> — but that's water under the bridge now.
> Thanks for going the extra mile :-)

You're welcome.  Hopefully this patch can now be integrated, unless
there are new issues?

					Cedric Ware.

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