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Git-add completion should show full file paths

Hi all,

Daniel Shahaf kindly reviewed this pull request of mine:

The code turned out to be wrong but I'll summarise what would be nice
to have here:

If you have multiple files buried under subfolders, the current
completions only show top level folders.

Example, if you have a folder `src` containing files `bar1` and `bar2`:

% git add <TAB>
 -- modified file --
 -- untracked file --
foo  src

What I want is:

% git add <TAB>
 -- Unstaged --
foo       src/bar1  src/bar2

Quoting Daniel:

I see that offering `src/bar1` and `src/bar2` right off the bat can be
useful. However, I'm not sure how best to implement it. I wonder if it
would make sense to teach `_multi_parts` some sort of
zstyle. This would solve the problem for every use of `_multi_parts`.

End quote.

Can anyone here comment on the above idea and/or suggest a way to
implement this?

Thank you in advance.

Amyn Bennamane

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