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Re: A bug tracker (was: Re: [Bug] Unexpected process suspension)

Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> Finally, I have been using Etc/BUGS in git to track bugs.  If someone'd
> like to add an entry there for this set of related bugs, please do.

As I've just been catching up on the list having had little time
recently, here's a collection of some of the outstanding bugs:

44133 debian #924736 (partial patch in 44134) three setopts following `    #`
44850 terminal issues with continuation markers
45422 _arguments !-x !+x: this is on my TODO list
45482 print -v with multibyte characters
45568 repeat-count "illegal character"
  this can't be too hard given it is the meta range of characters
  Incidentally, I don't like the use of "illegal" in error messages.
  Perhaps this is a UK/US difference but to me "illegal" implies
  actually against the law.
45656 -o nobanghist -o emacs segfaults
users/24765 -direct terminals. Not a bug as such but we may need to do
  something if -direct values in TERM are ever common
45830 _gpg, I can't reproduce either.

There are also some outstanding patches:

45393/45396 avoid lseek(2) calls. Doesn't this just need a quick verification?
  I've had some dealings with the patch author in relation to i3 and would
  trust him even without looking at the patch details.
45768 This looks distinctly similar to the above.
45837 Stephane's patch for 45828
45007 has_colors in configure.ac. This didn't reproduce on any of my systems
  but I've just noticed that the originator has a gentoo.org address which might
  provide some extra clues.

There was a recent (45778) reminder about 44525 which is by Roman.

I don't care enough about different bug tracking methods to get much
involved in that discussion. The mailing list perhaps intimidates
potential newcomers nowadays which is not ideal. But it has advantages
like the single archive that can be offline. Integration with a list is
fine if you don't get spammed. All too often every little status change
generates a mail.


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