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FAQ 3.1 (word splitting) is out of date when 'typeset' is a reserved word

% < Etc/FAQ.yo nl -ba | vipe
   930	chapter(How to get various things to work)
   932	sect(Why does mytt($var) where mytt(var="foo bar") not do what I expect?)
   933	label(31)
  1014	  There is one other effect of word splitting which differs between ksh
  1015	  and zsh.  In ksh, the builtin commands that declare parameters such
  1016	  as tt(typeset) and tt(export) force word-splitting not to take place
  1017	  after on an assignment argument:
  1018	  verb(
  1019	    typeset param=`echo foo bar`
  1020	  )
  1021	  in ksh will create a parameter with value mytt(foo bar), but in zsh will
  1022	  create a parameter tt(param) with value tt(foo) and a parameter tt(bar)
  1023	  whose value is empty.  […]

% typeset param=`echo foo bar`
% typeset -p param
typeset param='foo bar'

That's on my list to fix, but feel free to beat me to it.



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author