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Re: 'make install' fails when build directory is differnet from that of source tree.

Yasuhiro KIMURA wrote on Sun, 31 May 2020 16:46 +0900:
> in-tree build produced following output.
> And out-of-tree build produced following output.
> I you compare these outputs, there are following extra output in the
> later.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> perl /tmp/zsh/source/zsh-5.8/Util/helpfiles \
>     zshbuiltins.1 help help.txt \
>     || rm -f help.txt help/*
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks again for the thorough investigation and clear presentation.  The
cause of this difference seems to be straightforward: the cp(1)
invocation added by the patch creates [builddir]/Doc/zshbultins.1 with
an mtime of "now", which causes the following rule to run:

   204	help.txt: zshbuiltins.1
   205		@-rm -f $@ help/*
   206		perl $(sdir_top)/Util/helpfiles \
   207		    zshbuiltins.1 help help.txt \
   208		    || rm -f help.txt help/*

I suspect that extending the last patch (workers/45943) to (1) copy
Doc/help/ and Doc/help.txt [due to the aforementioned workers/43392],
and (2) s/cp/cp -p/, would address this.  However, I'm afraid I don't
currently have time to implement and test this.  If you have time to do
so, you'll be very welcome; if not, I'll implement that and post the
patch when I have a minute.



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