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Re: [PATCH] Add code to Mercurial VCS backend to show topic if there is any.

Hi Daniel,

On 2020-06-07 14:14, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
Manuel Jacob wrote on Sun, 07 Jun 2020 09:44 +0200:
"Topics" is an experimental concept in Mercurial that augments the
current branching concept (called "named branches").

For more information, see the not always up-to-date Mercurial Wiki page

I assume "experimental" means "future releases of Mercurial are not
promised to be backwards compatible with the current design".

It is not yet part of Mercurial itself, but developed separately as an extension under the Mercurial project roof.

Is the .hg/topic file name and data format set in stone yet?

What if zsh 5.9 is released and then the Mercurial developers change
the design to make .hg/topic a directory, and release _that_?  Then
everyone who uses zsh 5.9 with hg will be stuck with vcs_info errors
until their distro upgrades to newer zsh.

The .hg/topic file works very similar to the .hg/branch file (which is stable since 2007 and which zsh currently depends on). I can't think of any reason why someone would consider changing the format.

The file would only be created if a user installs and activates the extension, and explictly creates a topic (a specific kind of feature branch), so that makes it even more unlikely that something breaks.



 Functions/VCS_Info/Backends/VCS_INFO_get_data_hg | 10 +++++++++-
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/Functions/VCS_Info/Backends/VCS_INFO_get_data_hg b/Functions/VCS_Info/Backends/VCS_INFO_get_data_hg
index cd5ef321d..e898f7298 100644
--- a/Functions/VCS_Info/Backends/VCS_INFO_get_data_hg
+++ b/Functions/VCS_Info/Backends/VCS_INFO_get_data_hg
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@

 setopt localoptions extendedglob NO_shwordsplit

-local hgbase bmfile branchfile rebasefile dirstatefile mqseriesfile \
+local hgbase bmfile branchfile topicfile rebasefile dirstatefile mqseriesfile \
     curbmfile curbm \
     mqstatusfile mqguardsfile patchdir mergedir \
     r_csetid r_lrev r_branch i_bmhash i_bmname \
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ mergedir="${hgbase}/.hg/merge/"
 mqstatusfile="${patchdir}/status" # currently applied patches
@@ -69,6 +70,13 @@ fi
 # If we still don't know the branch it's safe to assume default
 [[ -n ${r_branch} ]] || r_branch="default"

+# Show topic if there is any (the UI for this experimental concept is not yet +# final, but for a long time the convention has been to join the branch name
+# and the topic name by a colon)
+if [[ -r ${topicfile} ]] ; then
+    r_branch=${r_branch}:$(< ${topicfile})
# The working dir has uncommitted-changes if the revision ends with a +
 if [[ $r_lrev[-1] == + ]] ; then

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