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Re: [PATCH] Re: RFC: region_highlight inter-plugin interoperability: echo service?

Daniel Shahaf wrote on Thu, 18 Jun 2020 10:33 +0000:
> Daniel Shahaf wrote on Sat, 06 Jun 2020 07:20 +0000:
> > Thus, we propose to add a memo=* feature to region_highlight, as
> > outlined in the first bullet above, based on the patch that is PR57.  
> Here's a patch.  I've verified that, in conjunction with a z-sy-h patch
> posted to [1], it fixes a plugin interoperability issue [4] reported
> against Oliver's viexchange plugin.


Oliver had already added support for this to his viexchange plugin.
I expect the comparable z-sy-h patch to be merged to z-sy-h master

I'd like z-sy-h to dogfood the new feature, but I'm also concerned
about compatibility, as zsh hasn't released the feature yet.  I don't
see a problem with turning the functionality on by default in z-sy-h's
master branch, but I'm not so sure what to do in z-sy-h releases.

Would it be okay for the next z-sy-h release to use the memo= feature
by default, if available?  Or should z-sy-h not use the memo= feature
by default until zsh releases it?

(The next z-sy-h release might be sooner than the next zsh release.)



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