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GitHub/GitLab PRs backlog

We have a number of outstanding PR's on GitHub/GitLab.  Several of them
are awaiting revisions by their respective authors (I should probably
add a GitHub label recording this state).  However, the following ones
await reviews:

	Add instructions for the platform dependency
	#58 opened 7 hours ago by jnooree

	completion: Allow specifying directory name for _remote_files
	#53 opened on Apr 20 by insidewhy

	_ssh_hosts: Complete hosts in "Match" directive
	#50 opened on Mar 8 by fumiyas
	[author pinged us today]

	Add zstd file completion to tar
	#45 opened on Jan 16 by svenstaro • Changes requested
	[predates zsh-5.8-129-g494f6bcb3, and possibly obsoleted thereby]

	Fix hexdump command used for mercurial dirstate parsing
	#11 opened on Oct 29, 2016 by reedriley 
	[remaining is confined to Misc/vcs_info-examples]

Could folks help triage them, please?

Feel free to do that either on GitHub or here.



P.S.  To get a PR author's email address from GitHub: click "Commits
(1)" in the in-viewport tab bar, then click on a commit's subject line
(log message start), then manually append ".patch" to the URL.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author