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Hosting copies of the PGP public keys

Phil points out that it would be useful for
http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Arc/source.html to carry not only the `gpg
--list-keys` output but also actual copies of the public keys, in
a format that can be imported by OpenPGP tools (e.g., «gpg --import»),
in order to let people retrieve keys without relying on the public

I propose that that the RMs add copies of their public keys to, say,
keys/{pws,danielsh,dana}.asc in the zsh-web.git repository (using «gpg
--armor --export $MyEmailAddress»), and then, as part of uploading
a release, we also `cat keys/*.asc` into a zsh-keyring.asc and upload it
to zsh.org.




P.S.  Phil also mentioned WKD.  It's a federated way to auto-discover
public keys given an email address.  To be an option, the RMs would
need to add *@zsh.org addresses to their keys, and we'd need to serve
some files from https://openpgpkey.zsh.org/.  Details:

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