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Re: Rewrite of zsh-newuser-install

On Wed Mar 24, 2021 at 8:45 AM CDT,  wrote:
> As a result I would only put in things that give the user "least
> surprise", and is still functional. So I would leave in history saving,
> colors, prompt, highlighting, completion and maybe even a few **really
> really** standard keybindings defined.

One could argue that the history saving, colors, prompt and completions
are "surprising".

> (I also think Ctrl Y is more standard than alt ctrl z for redo btw).

Agree. Ctrl-Shift-Z would be even nicer, but not possible to bind.

> However I would comment out everything else (autocd, pushd, globstar,
> and especially clobber).

I don't think autocd or globstarshort would cause *any* bad surprises.

- Without autocd, users just get an "permission denied" error instead
  of cd'ing. For all its flaws, OhMyZsh sets autocd and it is one of
  the most commonly cited "features" by novice OMZ users.

- globstarshort makes '**' match Bash's globstar behavior.

- pushd/popd aren't that commonly used. I could see autopushd being
  problematic for *some* users. *However*, this should be set if the
  Alt-Minus and Alt-Equals bindings are to be of any use to most users.
  Like autocd, this is a feature that most users will quickly miss when
  switching back to other shells.

- I half-agree with not unsetting clobber. noclobber is better default
  behavior (it prevents much more damaging surprises), but just seeing
  "file exists" or "no such file or directory" without any '>|' or '>>|'
  suggestion is frustrating.

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