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Re: Rewrite of zsh-newuser-install

Few suggestions from a lurker (feel free to ignore).

1. In zrestart: exec zsh -l instead of zsh -l && exit

2. HISTFILE location: XDG conventions suggest putting things in

3. Same with completion cache, recent dirs file, etc.

Also, what I'd like to see in a default zshrc is something that's not
going to set personal preference options by default (clobber/globstar),
but give the user many commented options that they can change quickly
without having to read 300 man pages.

As a result I would only put in things that give the user "least
surprise", and is still functional. So I would leave in history saving,
colors, prompt, highlighting, completion and maybe even a few **really
really** standard keybindings defined. (I also think Ctrl Y is more
standard than alt ctrl z for redo btw). However I would comment out
everything else (autocd, pushd, globstar, and especially clobber). 

I would also put some commented out bindings to set vi mode. (That's all
I use myself.)

This should let most users just use it out of the box and get colorful
prompts / nice completion; and if they want their favorite options they
can just edit the files and find the more common options there...


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author