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Re: Where is this =(:) construct documented?

2021-06-14 14:44:17 +0200, Vincent Lefevre:
> On 2021-06-11 15:39:29 -0500, Zach Riggle wrote:
> > Thanks for the help, all!  This was impossible to Google for!
> > 
> > Most obfuscated I could make it (to mess with coworkers) is...
> > 
> > (){<<<$1} =(:)
> You need to search in the man pages (I recommend to do that with
> "man zshall" so that all zsh man pages are searched).

I wouldn't recommend man for a manual this big. I don't think
I've read zsh's man page in the last decade.

IMO, info is much more appropriate especially considering the
zsh manual there has a very good index and table of contents (i
and I commands with completion are your friends in info, zsh
also has completion for index entries so "info zsh topic<Tab>"
often works).

On some systems, you need to install a zsh-doc package or
equivalent though for the info pages to be available.


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