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info completion doesn't offer index entries any longer


I'm pretty sure zsh used to offer completion for index entries
so you could do "info zsh read<Tab>" for instance to see the
index entry for the "read" builtin among other things, but that
no longer works.

I noticed that the completer runs "info -k" which is not a valid
command which points to the obvious:

_call_program info-nodes $cmd -k ''

mistake in the code which should be:

_call_program info-nodes "$cmd -k ''"

Or possibly 

_call_program info-nodes "${(qq)cmd} -k ''"

as those _call_program arguments are interpreted as shell code
to evaluate, not a list of arguments making up a simple command,
but even after that fixed (which causes the completion to be
very slow on my system as

$ info -k '' | wc
47919  267467 2341131
That still doesn't give me index entries. Same with

info zsh --index-search=<Tab>

info has its own completion for the index with "i", and even "I"
for a selectable search result, so not having it in zsh is not
critical, but it sounds like it's meant to be there, but just
broken atm.


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