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Re: info completion doesn't offer index entries any longer

2021-08-01 17:05:47 +0100, Stephane Chazelas:
> but even after that fixed (which causes the completion to be
> very slow on my system as
> $ info -k '' | wc
> 47919  267467 2341131
> ), 
> That still doesn't give me index entries. Same with

Actually, (once fixed) it does seem to work as intended in that
it only uses the output of "info -k ''" to build a list of info
nodes that are referenced in index entries, not the index
entries themselves.

That seems to be redundant with the parsing of info -o- that the
completer does otherwise to retrieve the list of nodes (and
which is much faster as it only covers the one manual the user
is querying completion for).

Evidence of that is that fixing that "info -k" to intended "info
-k ''" doesn't seem to change much if at all the behaviour (but
makes the completion significantly slower).

Also, caching doesn't seem to work properly as "info -k ''"
seems to be invoked every time.


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