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Re: PATCH: support for italic and faint fonts from region_highlight

On 1/19/23, Oliver Kiddle <opk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Mikael Magnusson wrote:
>> I didn't check exactly which of your patches caused this problem, but
>> i'll reply here.
> Did you check without my patches because I can reproduce the problem
> even with 5.8.

I only checked in another terminal window I had open since some time
ago and couldn't reproduce it there, I've also only started noticing
very recently and quite often so it seems weird to me that it would
have been present before...

> There is, nevertheless, a patch for it below.
> You'll still get the full highlighted line if you leave attributes on at
> the end of the prompt but I regard all behaviour associated with doing
> that as there for backward compatibility only. I was thinking we should
> maybe add zle_highlight tokens for the editarea, messages and statusline
> so that there are better alternatives to doing that.
> It is something of a curiosity that the following will give you a
> highlighted line when it needs to scroll but not when run elsewhere in
> the terminal window:
>   printf '\e[48;5;189m\ncat\e[49m\n'

This is probably because when a new line scrolls in, it is initially
filled with the current background color.

> Some more obscure terminals don't do this, not sure if that's a bug in
> them.
>> not be. Similar artifacts sometimes happen when the completion
>> continuation prompt is shown ("At Top: Hit space for more..."), and I
>> also noticed in some circumstances when I hit alt-m to start menu
>> selection, the selected entry is not showed highlighted until I move
>> it once or hit ^L, but I don't have a minimal reproducer for those
>> things.
> All the attribute handling in complist is very much completely separate
> code that I haven't touched. The group descriptions do use prompt
> sequences but it is otherwise mostly based on the LS_COLOURS compatible
> format instead of using the zattr type. It is still certainly possible
> I've introduced something there and, either way, a minimal reproducer
> would definitely help. Also mention the value of $TERM, the terminal and
> what OS/termcap implementation you have. My setup doesn't ever involve
> the completion continuation prompt you describe, at least not at the
> top. I've seen glitches in the completion display in the past so there
> may be old lingering bugs.

I'll keep an eye out if I can figure out some pattern to the other
oddities, and try to come up with something minimal. I didn't mention
my terminal for the first problem because it happened in every
terminal I tried (urxvt, and xterm :). I'll make sure to mention these
details next time though.

Tha patch seems to fix my blue problems (but X04 is unhappy). Thanks!

Mikael Magnusson

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