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RFE: Enable Shell Hotkey: ctrl+u

I'm emailing about some hotkey/shortcuts. From section 8.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax:
  1. Ctrl + U Deletes before the cursor until the start of the command
    1. Control-u: universal-argument Meta-Rubout: backward-kill-word
  2. Ctrl + K Deletes after the cursor until the end of the command
Ctrl + K seems to be implemented in zsh but Ctrl + U seems to be a bit flaky. It should behave as listed above but, what it's actually doing is killing all words in the line.

I see how it's described in 4.2.2: Deleting but that's pretty terse; not sure what to do with that.

Request for Enhancement
Please implement the Control-u functionality as described above. Or, given the functionality exists, simply bind to ctrl+u by default. 

I hear this as an occasional complaint from a few of us old geezers (like me) who have a lot of muscle memory invested into these shortcuts. Time to ask for help :-)

Thanks in advance,

Todd Thomas
"It's a frail music knits the world together."
-Robert Dana

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author