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Re: What do you recommend, wait or install 2.5??

> We need to upgrade our zsh here at school, and I now wonder what do
> you recommend, should I wait a month or so for 2.6 (any release
> plans?) or should I take 2.5, or even maybe if the 2.6 beta 3(?) if it
> is stable?
> I don't want to tell our sysadm, well install it, and then come one
> week later and say.. oops new version :-)

It's hard for me to give a definite time/date when the next production
release will be ready.  I always underestimate the length of time it
takes to do anything to the zsh distribution.  I'm currently hoping for
about 2 months from now.  But don't quote me on that.

But I can tell you this.  When I release the next production version
it will be labeled zsh 3.0.  This is justified by all the extensive
changes that have been made to the internals of zsh.  But because we are
increasing the major version number, I'm determined to make sure that zsh
is very stable and robust before we release this production version.  I
want to get zsh 3.0 off on the right track.

Richard Coleman

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