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suggestions for improving zsh

> I've been using zsh2.3.1 for quite sometime now.
> I'm not aware of zsh having a sophisticated/generalized 
> command line completion mechanism like "tcsh version 6.06.00 (1995-05-13).
> The command, "complete" in tcsh is much more powerful and generalized than
> the "compctl" command of zsh.
> Tcsh's complete command allows much more specialized ways of completing
> individual command-line arguments than zsh's "compctl".
> If someone has already incorporated similar features into zsh, 
> could you please let me know? If not, it would be a good feature to be
> incorporated into zsh, as zsh is already very powerful, except for this
> shortcoming.
> If you are no longer in zsh development, Could you please forward 
> this to someone who is continuing its development?

Paul Falstad no longer maintains zsh.  Zsh is currently maintained
by the Zsh Development Group (fancy name for a mailing list).  To
get the latest info on the mailing lists and ftp sites, check the
META-FAQ available at:


or the html version at:


zsh2.3.1 is quite old.  The completion facilities in zsh has changed
considerably since then.  The current production release of zsh is
zsh2.5.03.  The latest beta release is zsh-2.6-beta10 (with beta11
a week or so away).  I would suggest you try beta10.  It is fairly
stable and builds quite easily.  I'm not very familar with tcsh, but
if there is anything you can do in tcsh that zsh can't do, I would
be very surprised.

The hard part about using zsh compctl is that the man page for this
is difficult to read.  It has already been rewritten and the new
version will appear in beta11.

Richard Coleman          (Coordinator, Zsh Development Group)
zsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      (zsh e-mail)
coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (general e-mail)

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