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Re: sched waits for next prompt. Does it have to?

>>>>> "RC" == Richard Coleman <coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 >> ... I'm having a little
 >> trouble with the sched commend.  I'd like it to perform the action
 >> at the specified time rather than at the next prompt: for example,
 >> when I want it to act as an alarm clock, or as "at", etc.

 RC> Currently zsh's handling of `sched' and the shell function
 RC> `periodic' (if defined) are very simple.  Zsh just checks time
 RC> stamps in the function preprompt() and executes scheduled
 RC> commands or `periodic' if it has been long enough.  To do
 RC> anything better would require setting up signals, etc...

Isn't it possible to call the periodicals from an ALARM function?  If
not now, then it should be relatively easy to add such functionality?
That would enable one to make "sched" behave like "at" using a smart
ALARM handler and "TMOUT=60".


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