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Re: zsh in shell-mode

On Jan 8, 11:17pm, Vinnie Shelton wrote:
} Subject: zsh in shell-mode
} OK, I'm going to bite the bullet and start to use shell-mode.

You mean in emacs, I take it.

} How do people use zsh with shell mode?

Force environment TERM to be "emacs".  This used to be true in older
versions of emacs, but ceased in (I think) 19.someteen.  Anyway, zsh
sets some options differently for that term type, including disabling

} What's the best way to let zsh do the completions?

There is no way to let zsh do completions in shell-mode.  Even spell
correction doesn't work quite right (emacs prints `^G' instead of
ringing the bell when zsh feeps, and then zsh expects to get a char
that emacs won't send until you press return, at which point zsh gets
both that char and the return).

} Or do people use M-x term?

I've never really tried it.  I did just now, for a couple of minutes,
and was not impressed.

} Suggestions/comments?

If you're in emacs, you're in emacs.  Trying to get it to let some other
process do anything like text editing is like trying to put back pulled

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