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VI command line editing

I've been off the list for too long of a time and recently upgraded to the
latest version of ZSH under Solaris 2.5.1.

I've run into a problem, based upon the way it used to work in zsh 2.5+ and
the current zsh 3.+

It has to do with command line editing.  If bindkey -v is set in my .zshrc,
command line editing does not work the same as before.  Previously pressing
the up or down arrow would retrieve the previous command and I would have
simple editing by using the left/right arrow keys/backspace, etc. in order
to edit a line.  If I want vi editing at that point, I could press the ESC
key to get into vi edit mode.

BUT, pressing the up or down key causes a problem, since the escape sequence
is used to place me in vi edit mode and the rest of the cursor key sequence
causes screen flashing (vi editng error).

If I turn off bindkey, then the simple editing works as before, but now
vi editing cannot be brought into play.

What happened?  Why did this change and what do I need to do to have simple
editing, i.e., the escape character of the up/down cursor key is ignored,
unless the ESCAPE key is pressed without any characters following it?

Is there some timing value I have to set?

I can find nothing in the documentation that makes me believe that things
should be operating differently.

Thanks for any tips or pointers.

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