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Re: Man pages missing

> Is it me, or has the documentation become a rat's nest, i.e., g/n/troff,
> TeX, texinfo and now yodl?  Just what we need, another text formatting
> package to learn. :-)  Sorry to sound negative, but when is the progression
> of manual preparation going to stick with one package?  If I run across
> something in the manual that needs clarification, all I can do is send a
> message to the mail list indicating what needs to be changed, instead of
> including a diff file with the changes.  It means more work for someone
> else, but to me the zsh manual is a bit much.  A manual that has nroff,
> TeX and texinfo commands all wrapped within yodl commands.  What a nightmare,
> at least for me.  I've never heard of yodl before.

But yodl is an attempt to bring order to this mess.  We've been
searching for some time for a set of tools and meta-document format
that would allow us to generate all the formats necessary, while
maintaining only one document base.  I researched the problem
when I was maintainer of zsh, but I couldn't find a solid (and
free) solution.  Yodl is fairly new, but appears to be the best
solution so far.


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