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Man pages missing

The following was sent out regarding the 3.1.1 release:

    The other big change is the new documentation format.  Thanks to Andrew
    Main the complete zsh documentation is now written in yodl.  Yodl is a
    document language somewhat similar SGML which can generate the nroff
    manpages and the texinfo manual from the same source.  The precompiled
    nroff and texinfo manuals are included in the distribution but if you would
    like to add something, you need to get yodl-1.14 (earlier versions had some
    serious bugs).  Yodl is available from ftp://ftp.icce.rug.nl/pub/unix/ and
    from the sinsite Linux arcives.

I'm sorry, but I can't find the *.man pages in the 3.1.1 release or the
zsh-doc release.  For those of use who do not have, or don't want, yodl,
it would be nice if the *.man pages were really in the Doc directory.  If
it was just a mistake for this release, I can survive until the next release
for these pages.

Is it me, or has the documentation become a rat's nest, i.e., g/n/troff,
TeX, texinfo and now yodl?  Just what we need, another text formatting
package to learn. :-)  Sorry to sound negative, but when is the progression
of manual preparation going to stick with one package?  If I run across
something in the manual that needs clarification, all I can do is send a
message to the mail list indicating what needs to be changed, instead of
including a diff file with the changes.  It means more work for someone
else, but to me the zsh manual is a bit much.  A manual that has nroff,
TeX and texinfo commands all wrapped within yodl commands.  What a nightmare,
at least for me.  I've never heard of yodl before.

I'll climb off my soapbox now and go into my corner.

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