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Re: Man pages missing

Vidiot wrote:
>I'm sorry, but I can't find the *.man pages in the 3.1.1 release or the
>zsh-doc release.  For those of use who do not have, or don't want, yodl,
>it would be nice if the *.man pages were really in the Doc directory.

They are there, they're just called *.1 now.

>Is it me, or has the documentation become a rat's nest, i.e., g/n/troff,
>TeX, texinfo and now yodl?

It has been a rat's nest for quite a while.  Immediately prior to the
introduction of yodl, we were distributing both nroff and TeXinfo
forms, with the Makefile having rules to make info, HTML, DVI and
PostScript forms (from the TeXinfo).

>                            Just what we need, another text formatting
>package to learn. :-)  Sorry to sound negative, but when is the progression
>of manual preparation going to stick with one package?  If I run across
>something in the manual that needs clarification, all I can do is send a
>message to the mail list indicating what needs to be changed, instead of
>including a diff file with the changes.

The point of using yodl is that we only need to maintain *one* form of
the manual.  You now don't need to understand both nroff and TeXinfo to
patch the man page.  And the yodl is, I think, easier to maintain than
either nroff or TeXinfo was.


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