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Re: Man pages missing

 (brown@xxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Then I must be seeing things.  The few .yo files that I sampled sure looked
> like they had flavors of nroff and TeXinfo in them.  It looks like this:
> COMMENT(--- man page headers ---)

But these are the headers definition, I believe.  The text of the
manual is quite independent of the output format (nroff/texinfo).

> In any event, I know n/t/groff and can muddle through TeX stuff.
> I'll be damned if I am going to learn yodl.  To learn yet another
> text processor is just too much.

No, it's not too much.  What's too much is to have to handle too
different documentation format, and sync them all the time.

> So forgive me if I only send in changes to documentation
> via quoting the current text and suggesting changes.  If a format change
> is needed, I will just have to indicate what needs to be done.

As always, that's your choice; noone forces you to send documentation

Hrvoje Niksic <hniksic@xxxxxxx> | Student at FER Zagreb, Croatia
A: Vi is the God of editors.
B: Emacs is the editor of Gods.

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