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Re: very weird echo problem

Hello, I checked your script under Nextstep3.2 and zsh 3.0.2 with
and without cron, it runs flawless.

Do yourself a favour and upgrade. Even when Nextstep 3.3 came out,
Next should have included zsh 2.5.03 (was the production release
then and less buggy due to my experience) instead of 2.5.02.

There's even a precompiled binary (3.0.2) in the usual channels, if
you don't want to install from the sources, which indeed is quite
easy. "Works like a charm", as they say.

I don't know about the new 3.1 series though.

Greetings, Wolfgang.

Uli Zappe <uli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

> Here is the actual one with which I just tested it again:
> ***********************************************************
> #!/usr/bin/zsh
> log()
> {
> DATE=$(date)
> echo $1
> echo $1 >>/log
> }
> ************************************************************
> This script will only write
>         TEST
>         TEST_SAME_LINE
> to /log when called by cron. It works fine when called from a shell.


> I'm using zsh 2.5.02 under NEXTSTEP 3.3 Intel. (2.5.02 is the
> distribution that is included in NEXTSTEP 3.3).

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