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Re: Can't use bindkey -c

Steve Talley wrote:
> Does zsh's "bindkey" allow the same functionality as tcsh's "bindkey
> -c"?  This allows a keystroke to be bound to a builtin or external
> command instead of an editor command.  This is useful when I'd like to
> run a command and see it's output without having to destroy the
> contents of the command-line buffer.
> Example:
> bindkey -c "^P" pwd

Currently the way to do this is:

bindkey -s "^P" "^qpwd\n"

in which the ^q saves the line on the buffer stack, which is restored
after "pwd\n" is executed as input (this assumes emacs bindings; it's
actually a little better to have push-input bound to something and use
that instead of the ^q).

Maybe other ways will be forthcoming.

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