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Re: strange behaviour with .zsh and su

On Apr 14 97, Timothy Luoma <luomat@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have had much success with putting just a .zshenv file in my $HOME with
> some basic information, including a ZSH folder (which, in my case is
> $HOME/Unix/zsh/).
> The zshenv file includes a loop which sources any file found in
> $HOME/Unix/zsh/source, so I have several files in there:
> aliases
> bindkeys
> functions

That would be an elegant solution to my .zshrc's uncontrolable inflation

> The advantage is that I have all my aliases in one file, all my bindkeys
> in another, etc etc and I can easily check/change them.  An error in my
> alises file does not prevent my bindkeys and functions from being loaded,
> etc etc.
> I feel that this is a good solution, it works for 'su' just fine, and I
> still only have one entry in my $HOME (.zshenv) and can put the other
> zsh-related files in another nested folder.

One question: dosen't putting your init commmands in a .zshenv guarantee
that these init files will be sourced on *every* invocation of zsh, even
non-interactive ones? Is it not preferable to have these files sourced
only if the shell is interactive?



     Louis-David Mitterrand

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