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Re: FAQ, German Umlauts

> 3.6: How do I make the completion list use eight bit characters?

Wolfgang Hukriede wrote:
> Peter, I think you're on the wrong road here. The locale settings cannot
> change hardware-properties, can they?

The entry is simply about the zsh side of the issue and what you can
do to make zsh print out non-ASCII characters.  Further than that I
can't go in a zsh-related document.

I can, however, make it clearer what has to be available for zsh to be
able to do its part.  I nearly put `in my xterm' at the end of the
question.  I'll add a paragraph at the beginning along the lines of:

  A traditional UNIX environment (character terminal and ASCII
  character sets) is not sufficient to be able to handle non-ASCII
  characters.  However, if you have something like an xterm using a
  standard character set like ISO-8859-1 (which is often the default
  for xterm), read on.  You should also note question link(3.4)(34) on
  the subject of eight bit characters.

In this case the rest of the entry should point you in the right
direction.  If the locales are not set up correctly for the fonts
available on the system, that's a bug in the system installation.

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