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Re: FAQ, German Umlauts

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> In this case the rest of the entry should point you in the right
> direction.  If the locales are not set up correctly for the fonts
> available on the system, that's a bug in the system installation.

Hmm, on NEXTSTEP, there isn't even a file called /usr/lib/locale,  
and nothing else needs it.

Being no UNIX expert, I'd find it annoying to have to install such  
a file simply to be able to run zsh correctly.

I mean, why the hell can't zsh do without? It *does* get right the  
small German Umlauts, so I don't think there's any reason it  
shouldn't be able to cope with the capital ones without the help of  
some special file.

Anyway, as it is - how would this file /usr/lib/locale have to look  
like for NEXTSTEP to allow capital German Umlauts? From this  
discussion, so far I haven't the slightest idea.

And will it also work with zsh version 2.51 which is the installed  
"default" version in NEXTSTEP which many users haven't changed yet?



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