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re: backward-word with hpterm?

Marco Kattannek <marcok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:if my cuestion is a FAQ, I apologize.
:I can not use the curser-keys for zsh-line-editing in a hpterm. ^B and
:^F do work, but the curser-keys confuse everything. Is this a limitation
:( feature ? ) of the hpterm. Can I change the zsh-behaviour? 
:Or do I have to change the stty's?
:I suppose that I can do nothing about it, except not using hpterms.
:Therefor I stoped searching for a solution, and ask this cuestion in this

What happens when you press the cursor keys?
Marco> An example:
Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-be-a-file
Marco> Now I go with the curser-key to the word be and remove it with BackSpace
Marco> What I see is ->
Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-  -a-file
Marco> When I execute the command, and look at it with the command-history
Marco> I see this ->
Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-be-a-fi
Marco> Now I delete the word be with the delete-key:
Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-a-file
Marco> and after execution with command-history ->
Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-a-file
Marco> Now I remove the word this with BS in both file names. 
Marco> This is what I see: 
Marco> cp      is-a-file      is-going-to-be-a-file
Marco> And this is what is executed ->
Marco> cp: cannot access this-is-a-file: No such file or directory
Marco> Command-history ->
Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to
Marco> The terminal shows one thing and does another. In a hpterm you can
Marco> go up and down with the curser-keys and left and right.
Marco> The terminal seems to execute the curser-keys directly, without
Marco> letting the zsh know what it is doing. ^P for command-history and
Marco> ^B, ^F do work!
Marco> I use the standard emacs key-binding. "backward-char" is bound to
Marco> "^B" and to "^[[D".
Marco> I thought this is a known problem, because the hpterm is strange.

                                           Greetings          Marco

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