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Re: backward-word with hpterm?

On Jul 9,  1:44pm, Marco Kattannek wrote:
} Subject: re: backward-word with hpterm?
} Marco Kattannek <marcok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
} :I can not use the curser-keys for zsh-line-editing in a hpterm. ^B and
} :^F do work, but the curser-keys confuse everything. Is this a limitation
} :( feature ? ) of the hpterm. Can I change the zsh-behaviour? 
} :Or do I have to change the stty's?
} :I suppose that I can do nothing about it, except not using hpterms.
} :Therefor I stoped searching for a solution, and ask this cuestion in this
} :list.
} Marco> What I see is ->
} Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-  -a-file
} Marco> When I execute the command, and look at it with the command-history
} Marco> I see this ->
} Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-be-a-fi

If I'm remembering right -- and the above example seems to bear it out --
hpterm cursor keys don't actually send anything to the tty driver.  They
just move the cursor around.  Programs that are written specifically to
use hpterms track the cursor by coordinates as if it were a mouse pointer,
not a text cursor; programs that are written for generic tty drivers are
out of luck.

There *is* a way to get the cursor keys to drive the tty, through some HP
extensions to the curses and termcap libraries, but I've long forgotten
what the magic is.

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