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Re: backward-word with hpterm? <- Marco

According to Bart Schaefer:
> On Jul 9,  1:44pm, Marco Kattannek wrote:
> } Subject: re: backward-word with hpterm?
> }
> } Marco Kattannek <marcok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
> } :I can not use the curser-keys for zsh-line-editing in a hpterm. ^B and
> } :^F do work, but the curser-keys confuse everything. Is this a limitation
> } :( feature ? ) of the hpterm. Can I change the zsh-behaviour? 
> } :Or do I have to change the stty's?
> } :I suppose that I can do nothing about it, except not using hpterms.
> } :Therefor I stoped searching for a solution, and ask this cuestion in this
> } :list.
> } 
> } Marco> What I see is ->
> } Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-  -a-file
> } Marco> When I execute the command, and look at it with the command-history
> } Marco> I see this ->
> } Marco> cp this-is-a-file this-is-going-to-be-a-fi
> If I'm remembering right -- and the above example seems to bear it out --
> hpterm cursor keys don't actually send anything to the tty driver.  They
> just move the cursor around.  Programs that are written specifically to
> use hpterms track the cursor by coordinates as if it were a mouse pointer,
> not a text cursor; programs that are written for generic tty drivers are
> out of luck.
> There *is* a way to get the cursor keys to drive the tty, through some HP
> extensions to the curses and termcap libraries, but I've long forgotten
> what the magic is.
Hallo to all zsh-user,
thanks to everybody helping me. I supposed the hpterm to act that way.
Now I know it, and can stop searching for an zsh-option.
As I said in my first e-mail, this seems to be a limitation, feature? of
the hpterm.

                                     Greetings              Marco

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