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Re: History key bindings

On Nov 26,  6:10pm, Christopher Croughton wrote:
} Subject: History key bindings
} Is there some way to cause zsh to remember the buffer up to where it was
} when the search started and use that, while putting the cursor at the end 
} still?

That shouldn't be terribly difficult to code as a zle module, if you have
3.1.2.  The code for vi-repeat-search might be a good starting point.

However, this does a pretty good job:

bindkey '^X^P' history-beginning-search-backward
bindkey -s '^[[A' '^X^X^X^P^@^E'

That binds up-arrow to:
 exchange-point-and-mark		^X^X
 history-beginning-search-backward	^X^P
 set-mark-command			^@
 end-of-line				^E

When you first press up-arrow, there (normally) won't be any mark on
the line, so ^X^X does nothing.  Then ^X^P finds the previous history
item with the prefix, ^@ sets the mark at the end of the prefix, and
^E moves the cursor to end of line.

Next time you press up-arrow, ^X^X puts the cursor back at the prefix
again, so ^X^P finds the further previous history with the same prefix.
Then the mark is set and the cursor moved to end of line again.

} From the documentation it seems that up until version 3 something
} like this was normal, and then the history-search-backward etc. was
} changed to only match on the first word.

Yeah, I was never satisfied with the explanations for why that changed.
The new behavior doesn't seem as useful to me.

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