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Re: History key bindings

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> That shouldn't be terribly difficult to code as a zle module, if you have
> 3.1.2.  The code for vi-repeat-search might be a good starting point.

I don't, yet, I'm using 3.0.  I'll have to look for it...

(And then work out how to program modules - sounds fun...)

> When you first press up-arrow, there (normally) won't be any mark on
> the line, so ^X^X does nothing.  

Er, on 3.0 it seems that the mark is initially set to the start of the line,
so if I do:


then the cursor goes to the start of the line.  Not exactly useful.
Otherwise it looks like the sort of thing I wanted...

> Yeah, I was never satisfied with the explanations for why that changed.
> The new behavior doesn't seem as useful to me.

Definitely not to me.  Although having it as Yet Another Option(tm) is
probably a good thing for those who do want it.  Perhaps a request to put
the tcsh behaviour in as another option?


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