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Re: History key bindings

On Nov 27,  7:21pm, Christopher Croughton wrote:
} Subject: Re: History key bindings
} Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > When you first press up-arrow, there (normally) won't be any mark on
} > the line, so ^X^X does nothing.  
} Er, on 3.0 it seems that the mark is initially set to the start of the line,

I thought I was seeing that behavior at one point, but now I can't get it
to happen again (... some fooling about occurs ...)

Aha!  Whenever you use a history operation like ^P, the mark gets set at
the beginning of the line before the new history line is inserted.  So
you can't mix that bindkey -s with other history motions unless you set
the mark yourself in between.  If all you do is type the prefix and then
press up-arrow, it works fine.

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