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Minor mailinglist change in setup


Because of problems/incompatibility between the new mailing-list
software used at SunSITE Denmark and the web-based zsh mail-archive,
the setup have now changed a little so that sequence numbers (and
headers) follows the same scheme as the old list software.

The archive should now be able to archive messages as in "the good old

Thanks a lot to Geoff Wing, who have contributed a patch to ezmlm to
provide this functionality.

The change will only be visible for users, who do filtering on the Seq
headers. The recommended header to do filtering on is still

Best regards,

M.Sc.E.E, Sys/Net-administrator, BOFH, Aalborg University, Denmark
http://www.kom.auc.dk/~karthy/ for more information.
SunSITE Denmark Manager (http://sunsite.auc.dk/)
# $Id: .signature,v 1.1 1997/06/18 08:30:00 karthy Exp $

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