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www.zsh.org retracking (Was: Minor mailinglist change in setup)

Karsten Thygesen <karthy@xxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:Because of problems/incompatibility between the new mailing-list
:software used at SunSITE Denmark and the web-based zsh mail-archive,
:the setup have now changed a little so that sequence numbers (and
:headers) follows the same scheme as the old list software.
:The archive should now be able to archive messages as in "the good old

The searchable/browsable mailing list archive at http://www.zsh.org/mla/
is now retracking the zsh lists.  I've added another index to the current
1999 messages, reverse chronological which complements the default 
(chronological), subject and author indices.  I'll probably be looking
at rebuilding the archive again fairly soon from the raw messages to 
include these and see if I can't catch a few messages which didn't get
archived properly the first time.  

If you have a preference for the default browse index for each year,
e.g. reverse chronological sorting, or any other desires for the
archive, please do not mail the list but send to me at 

Geoff Wing   <gcw@xxxxxxxxx>            Mobile : (Australia) 0412 162 441
Work URL: http://www.primenet.com.au/   Ego URL: http://pobox.com/~gcw/

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