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Re: zsh and login shells.

On Feb 12,  9:46pm, Timothy J Luoma wrote:
} Subject: Re: zsh and login shells.
} 	Author:	"Larry P . Schrof" <schrof@xxxxxxxxxxx>
} 	Date:	Fri, 12 Feb 1999 15:22:16 -0600
} 	ID:	<199902122123.QAA05026@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
} > I know the system ksh was reading my old .login file before I
} > moved it out of the way and put in the (simple) new one.

Something just occurred to me that hadn't earlier:

As ksh doesn't normally read a file named .login (it uses .profile), it
must be the case that the system /etc/profile is reading .login with the
"." command.  Is your .login writable by anyone other than yourself?
Perhaps /etc/profile tests that someone else couldn't have written into
your .login before it reads it?

} What would happen when zsh starts and processes .login ?

Zsh would only process .login if it were explicitly sourced.  The usual
file for zsh is .zlogin ...

} Also, the condition should not be '-f', I would suggest something like this
} check that it IS executable
} 	and NOT a directory
} 	and NOT a link

and NOT writable by group/other ...

I'm not sure the "not a link" test is all that useful.  If somebody could
put a link in his loc/bin directory, they could also replace the entire

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