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Re: is this normal?

This brings up an interesting point.

First, remember that in the / directory, the file .. just points back
to / itself.

Now, I tried the following quick experiment.

Things to note:

- I use %~ in my RPROMPT string.

- $PWD seems to contain the 'pure' value of the current directory,
  pwd seems to heed any directory-processing options you have set
  (IE. chase_links)

- Like the man page says, indeed, the various escape sequences expand
  to the 'pure' value of $PWD.

lyric[79] cd /                                                                ~
lyric[80] cd ../etc                                                           /
lyric[81] pwd                                                           /../etc
lyric[82] echo $PWD                                                     /../etc
lyric[83] cd /                                                          /../etc

lyric[84] setopt chaselinks                                                   /
lyric[85] cd ../etc                                                           /
lyric[86] pwd                                                           /../etc
lyric[87] echo $PWD                                                     /../etc
lyric[88] echo $ZSH_VERSION                                             /../etc

One way to resolve the quirkiness (but not necessarily the only) is to
do command substitution in the PROMPT string by running pwd. (Don't forget
to set the PROMPT_SUBST option) Note that for me, RPROMPT is the variable
to change, since that's where I display the current directory.

lyric[93] RPROMPT='$(pwd)'                                              /../etc
lyric[94]                                                                  /etc

This is only a quick fix for PROMPT-related issues. Other things such
as the directory stack still receive 'pure' values of $PWD.

Anyone else's thoughts?

On Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 09:11:59PM +0200, Mircea Damian wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using zsh-3.1.5 on many x86 machines. All have the same behavior:
> dmircea@secu:~% cd /
> dmircea@secu:/% cd ../bin 
> dmircea@secu:/../bin% echo $ZSH_VERSION 
> 3.1.5
> dmircea@secu:/../bin% pwd
> /../bin
> dmircea@secu:/../bin% 
> Is that '/../bin' canonical? Do I miss something here?
> -- 
> Mircea Damian
> Network Manager
> dmircea@xxxxxxxxx, dmircea@xxxxxx, dmircea@xxxxxxxx
> MD65-RIPE, MD2225, MD1-6BONE
> Phone: +40-1-4115246

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