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Re: is this normal?

On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 10:08:24AM -0600, Larry P . Schrof wrote:
> First, remember that in the / directory, the file .. just points back
> to / itself.
This is normal. That is why this happens:

root@taz:~# cd /
root@taz:/# cd ../bin/..
root@taz:/..#                      <-- here /.. == /

But then it looks very odd to me  when I try multiple "../" constructions

root@taz:~# cd /
root@taz:/# cd ../../bin
root@taz:/bin#                                  <-- why not /../../bin
root@taz:/bin# cd /
root@taz:/# cd ../../../bin
root@taz:/../bin# cd /
root@taz:/# cd ../../../../bin

As far as I see this happens only when the number of "../" is odd so I
think that this is a bug!

> lyric[93] RPROMPT='$(pwd)'                                              /../etc
> lyric[94]                                                                  /etc
As you said, this is only a quick but dirty fix. :-(

Mircea Damian
Network Manager
dmircea@xxxxxxxxx, dmircea@xxxxxx, dmircea@xxxxxxxx
MD65-RIPE, MD2225, MD1-6BONE

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