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Re: zsh startup files

Wolfgang Hukriede wrote:
> Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> :
> > To summarise: Invoking zsh -b, or calling `setopt GLOBAL_RCS_FIRST' in
> > /etc/zshenv, would force the order of scripts to be
> >   /etc/zshenv /etc/zprofile /etc/zshrc /etc/zlogin
> >   ~/.zshenv ~/.zprofile ~/.zshrc ~/.zlogin
> > As with the NO_RCS option, setting or unsetting the option at any later
> > point would have no effect.  The sysadmin could force all the global
> > scripts to be used before the user does anything.

(I've sent a patch for this, but the option has to be -d instead of -b,
since that turns out to mean `end of option processing' on the command

> How about allowing the *user* to `setopt GLOBAL_RCS_FIRST' in their 
> own ~/.zshenv

This makes things rather complicated; there's no fundamental difficulty,
but I'd prefer to keep it clean.  The idea is not that you're at war with
the sysadmin, who's supposed to make it easy for users to set their own
preferences.  But if this is popular enough...

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