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first questions

Hi all.

I've just switched over to zsh, coming from tcsh, on Irix 6.5
I'm having some minor configuration problems.

For instance, I can't get cdpath to work. I've tryed lowercase,
uppercase, colon separated, space separated, parenthesis, quotes, and
all the permutations. How should it be set up?

Also, in some scripts the command echo doesn't print a newline.
I've tryed bultin, command, and no specifier at all.

On another front, I'm trying zsh at home too, where I run Win95.
Forgive me if this list doesn't support the Win32 version and please
tell me where I should redirect these questions.
O Windows I can't get to cd <drive>:/path, only <drive>:, and then
Also, I can't get to type ~^`', which I miss a lot.
And is there any plan to give Win32 Zshell it's own interface?
I can't resize or scroll the buffer. Vim has a nice GUI. It behaves
pretty much the same as when running on X.

Thanks a lot.

Dado Feigenblatt           dado@xxxxxxx            direct (650) 846-8386
Technical Lighter                              front desk (650) 846-8100
PDI - Palo Alto, CA                                   fax (650) 846-8101

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author