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Re: first questions

dado wrote:
> For instance, I can't get cdpath to work. I've tryed lowercase,
> uppercase, colon separated, space separated, parenthesis, quotes, and
> all the permutations. How should it be set up?

$cdpath is an array:

cdpath=(/first/dir /second/dir)

while $CDPATH is colon-separated:


and you can use either.

> Also, in some scripts the command echo doesn't print a newline.
> I've tryed bultin, command, and no specifier at all.

That's a definite weirdness.  Try `print' instead --- but maybe your script
is doing something a bit wayward.

> On another front, I'm trying zsh at home too, where I run Win95.
> Forgive me if this list doesn't support the Win32 version and please
> tell me where I should redirect these questions.
> O Windows I can't get to cd <drive>:/path, only <drive>:, and then
> /path.
> Also, I can't get to type ~^`', which I miss a lot.
> And is there any plan to give Win32 Zshell it's own interface?
> I can't resize or scroll the buffer. Vim has a nice GUI. It behaves
> pretty much the same as when running on X.

The Windows port was done by Amol Deshpande <amold@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.  I can't
answer any of those based on my knowledge of the UNIX version.

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