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Re: Test version zsh-3.1.6-test-1

On Mon, Jul 12, 1999 at 04:47:10PM +0200, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> I have uploaded a test version of the next zsh beta release, 3.1.6-test-1,
> to ftp.zsh.org, from where it should propagate to the mirror sites (see
> end).  The file is in the testing subdirectory,
> testing/zsh-3.1.6-test-1.tar.gz . Manual pages are included, but no texinfo
> etc.
> -rw-r--r--  1 mason  zsh  1251180 Jul 13 00:57 zsh-3.1.6-test-1.tar.gz

Just did a "./configure ; make ; make install" on a Debian GNU/Linux
box, but I can't find "zshcompsys.1" anywhere...

I tried this:
for file in zsh.1 zshbuiltins.1 zshcompctl.1 zshcompwid.1 zshcompsys.1 \
zshexpn.1 zshmisc.1 zshmodules.1 zshoptions.1 zshparam.1 zshzftpsys.1 \
zshzle.1 zshall.1; do
   if test -f "Doc/$file" ; then 
      echo $file exists
      echo $file does not exist

(the filelist is taken from "make -n install.man")
This resulted in this:
zsh.1 exists
zshbuiltins.1 exists
zshcompctl.1 exists
zshcompwid.1 does not exist
zshcompsys.1 does not exist
zshexpn.1 exists
zshmisc.1 exists
zshmodules.1 exists
zshoptions.1 exists
zshparam.1 exists
zshzftpsys.1 does not exist
zshzle.1 exists
zshall.1 exists

Where can I find the documentation I want?


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