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Re: questions

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 01:30:33AM -0700, Chris Hansen wrote:
> 1.  I'm currently using 3.0.5, from the tone of the list it sounds
> like most of you would recommend an upgrade to 3.1.6, how stable is
> it?  what's different?(readers digest version, promise to RTFM later)

I have had no problems with 3.1.6 besides that it sometimes doesn't
react when I start typing. This is cured with a Ctrl C, I'm running the
vi mode. I had problems with 3.0.5 regarding terminal resizing, that
was my main reason to upgrade to 3.1.x.
IMHO the main difference is the new completion system using shell
functions. This is more general and powerful. I have not noticed a
speed penalty as one might suspect.
Which leads to my question: is there a way for a normal user to supply
completion widgets overriding and complementing the globally installed

Stefan Berglund                       | sbl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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